The Case of the Blender Spender

A Reddit user posted her story online asking if she was in the wrong after she spent $125 on a blender. Her husband thought it was frivolous overspending; marital discord ensued.

BoredPanda staff writer Austėja Bliujūtė asked me some questions about healthy ways for the couple to resolve the dispute, which had created heated arguments, and quoted me in BoredPanda, which gets nearly 100 million views every month.

Secrets to a Lasting Relationship

Jyotirgamya hand-crafts stories and insights to boost mental well-being and emotional stability. They asked me about the key to lasting relationships.

All About Aggression

The Lucent TALKS YouTube channel features the world’s leading professionals discussing current issues in 4+ minutes.

Are you aggressive?
Is your partner aggressive? 

Parenting the ADHD Child

Faster Than Normal is the nation’s #1 ADHD podcast, hosted by Peter Shankman. In the episode, I discuss challenges and opportunities in parenting a child with symptoms and behaviors that may be ADHD.