Faster than Normal is the nation’s #1 ADHD podcast, hosted by Peter Shankman.

In this episode Peter & Luis discuss:

0:40-  Intro & welcome Luis!

1:50-  Sometimes ADHD is not at the actual root of a kid’s trouble.

2:30- How & why did you switch from running your own agency to helping and treating kids?

3:08-  So, with what types of kids are you usually working?

4:34-  Talk to us about the stigma attached to mental health from your experiences

6:16-  Why do you think it’s taking so long to break down the stigmas?

6:40-  On mental health within the stoic culture of many immigrant parents

8:53-  Kids on the spectrum usually have a pretty tough time opening up; what do you do to break through to them?  Ref:  Jennifer Hartstein interview  

12:28-  How are you framing ADHD to kids? How do you fight the “you are broken” residuals?

13:05-  On parenting an ADHD child

15:23-  Often, when parents hear a diagnosis, they go deaf to anything said afterwards. How do you handle that?

18:41-  Luis, how can people find you on the socials? LinkedIn @ Luis Maimoni

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19:20-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits